Mohamed Hadid


Mohamed Hadid: Stretching the Realms of  Possibility



Mohamed Hadid dreams big, and big dreams require a big canvas. Hadid’s vision and his desire to live life large pushes the limits of what is possible in architecture and in art but his desire to live life large wasn’t always so. It came to be from the humblest of beginnings.

Mohamed Hadid was born in 1948 in Nazareth, Palestine. Eventually the family immigrated to the United States.

Growing up in America was difficult for Hadid. There were few foreigners at Washington & Lee High School, and he was the only Arab. He had no friends. He was an outcast - an outsider who wanted to fit in but could not. Mohamed thought that since he couldn’t fit into the world outside, he would create his own world! A beautiful fantasy world where he could fit in.

Hadid began to paint.

Mohamed’s earliest works, created in his early teens, were mainly portraits in the traditional style. As Mohamed’s life style changed and his canvas expanded so did his paintings. He abandoned traditional style for modern abstract art but in the process never lost sense of his roots. Through abstract expressionism Mohamed discovered he could expand the realm of possibility far beyond the normal perception of what is, and pave his own way.  Mr. Hadid goes on to explain, “You can’t follow trends - you have to make them.”

As Hadid’s horizons expanded he found that the big open walls in the modern homes he was building required big art with bold, bright color and larger than life images. His big, colorful abstract art seamlessly integrated into his architectural creations.

In May 2011, Mohamed Hadid opened HADID Gallery in Beverly Hills, and like all of his projects, the gallery was a smashing success. Even though the gallery is designed to present his art, Mohamed will generously open his amazing space to talented up-and-coming artists from around the world.  

Welcome to the amazing world of Hadid Gallery online!